It is NOT Just About the Food!

The most time saving, customer friendly product in the industry!

  Happy Customers - Happy Waitstaff  

Happy Serve! 

Efficient Service creates RETURN business

and dedicated employees!

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What is Happy Serve?


A very simple, practical and affordable table top fixture that allows your customers to politely notify the waitstaff when service is needed in a timely and efficient manner.




Give your customers a more enjoyable and relaxed dining experience knowing that they control when service is needed by simply raising or sliding the happy face in the up position. 


The waitstaff simply drops the happy face back down to its starting position when they arrive at your table.


It is as simple as that!


There is no easier way to ensure your customers receive the fastest, friendliest and stress-free service available.



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Happy Serve Benefits


  • The quality of service your customer receives while dining out, is the most important part of their experience.
  • Customers and wait staff love this, especially its simplicity, which allows the customer complete control over when they do or do not require service.
  • Assures the customer of a more pleasant and relaxed dining experience, knowing that a simple “raise of the Happy Face” will politely notify or alert the wait staff that service is needed.
  • Takes undue pressure off the wait staff and helps them do their jobs more easily and efficiently, especially during BUSY TIMES!   Can be used “In Addition” to customary wait staff practices.
  • Faster, more friendly service equals more tip revenue generated for the wait staff
  • Customers enjoy dining out as a way to enjoy their time with others. They are not wanting to be frequently bothered or having their conversations interrupted every 5 minutes by the wait staff if no service is required. On the flip side,  customers do not want to feel like they have to constantly track down their wait staff when service is needed.
  • This is a win/win scenario for not only the customer/wait staff, but a huge win for the management and owners as they are helping to keep their customers happy and served in a highly efficient manner....This alone, allows faster turn time for tables to open for new customers 
  • A happier customer not only equals repeat business and an increase in sales, but also helps with word-of- mouth recommendations for the restaurant, which we all know, is the BEST form of advertising.