Customer Service


The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive in the world. You must stand out ahead of the competition.


Great food is not enough on this competitive playing field, customer service must be your #1 Priority.


A happy customer is a repeat customer, give them the best they deserve.

Product Details


Our Happy Serve table top server stands just under 14" tall. The 3" base is made from solid rubber, which acts as a skid free weight, that is highly durable and easily cleaned. 

The happy face top pieces are made from high quality plastic with a durable screen printed "happy face" logo adhered to an all wood frame for extra strength and support for years of worry free use.
The top portion has a recessed ring magnet that attaches itself to the "top cap" when in the up position and is easily lowered with two fingers. 
The center pole is a 1/4" solid fiberglass rod that is virtually unbreakable.
The entire unit is made from high quality materials and made 100% in the USA.

All this is backed by a 100% guarantee on workmanship and materials.



We are currently looking for career minded individuals that have contacts in the food industry and would like to join our team. Please contact us for further information regarding licensing or distribution rights. 


We are also interested in sales minded individuals who would like to promote a product that "sells" itself in the highly competitive food industry.


Please send us an email with your contact information and brief description of your interest.


   Business Conferences


Hotel conferences are also a great place that can benefit from Happy Serve.  With thousands of business conferences going on across the country everyday, Happy Serve can fill the need for a polite, quiet way to notify the waitstaff that service is needed, without  interruption.