Waitstaff & Food Industry Servers

Behind every successful restaurant is a smart and hardworking employee base that is not only the life blood of the business, but the very reason customers return time and again. Your dedication to your job deserves the highest compensation available, let Happy Serve help you reach that goal.

A Happy Serve customer is a generous tipping customer!


Perhaps the most difficult job is that of a food server. We've been there, long hours, okay pay, and having to deal with all kinds of people is sometimes a difficult task, especially when your paycheck depends on it.


Ask any restaurant customer what the ideal scenario is for leaving an above average tip, and you'll find more times than not, it's the customer service they receive while dining out, hands down.  In a busy restaurant environment, keeping the customer happy is sometimes a near impossible mission. But Happy Serve has just the solution.


Happy Serve can guarantee that by using our customer friendly table top server, that not only does the customer benefit, but YOU the SERVER WILL BENEFIT the MOST!  


Happy Serve helps you achieve that goal by giving the customer more control over when they do and do not require service. It also allows you more time to focus on the customers who require service while still keeping focus on those who don't. Spend less time making the standard rounds and more time on those who require your service.


It's a win-win scenario for both the customer and the waitstaff. There is no better system than Happy Serve.


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Customer service facts for restaurant employees


A recent MasterCard poll suggests that 80% of all restaurant complaints are related to poor service, not inadequate products. 23% of those surveyed said they would never return to a restaurant where they were dissatisfied with the service they received.


Likewise, the National Association of Customer Service found that the biggest reason retail customers decide not to return to an establishment relates directly to the level of personal attention and treatment they receive from the service staff. There's no escaping it; service is very much a "hot button" today.


With more restaurants than ever to choose from, your customers are less likely to give you another chance than they were 10 years ago.


And as these surveys imply, the easiest and most common way to lose customers, or to cause them to return less often, is by failing to deliver in the service area.


We believe that successful food service is fundamentally and ultimately based on human relationships and personal connection.  Happy Serve can help you connect with your customers in a way no other system can, by letting them have more control over their dining experience.